How Mike Baur is Helping Startups

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur with extensive experience and expertise in the banking industry. He has worked in the banking sector for around 20 years, and this has inevitably led his becoming one of the well-known entrepreneurs. While working in the banking industry, Mike Baur spearheaded several developments in various banks that enabled to grow and build their strong client base. He left the banking sector and ventured into the world of developing start-ups. His exit from the banking industry led to him co-founding Swiss Startup Factory with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. This was in the year 2014. The factory as successfully made a name for itself in the world of start-ups.

The company was established with the sole purpose of developing young companies. It helps start-ups achieve their goals and objectives. The factory brings together managers and owners of start-ups to share and exchange business ideas. To build start-ups, the company has developed a three-month program. The program takes place in three stages and involves the offering of office equipment, mentorship from well-established entrepreneurs and financial services such as loans and financial management. As part of this program, the factory ensures that it partners with like-minded individuals.

It partners with companies and entrepreneurs who are willing to help start-up companies. Some of these businesses and mentors Goldbach Group, Y&R Group Switzerland, the CEO of Blueglass Raphael Bienz and the chief executive officer of PhytoNet, Dr. Cem Aydogan. These institutions and individuals have offered immense help to start-ups and have worked with them even after stabilizing and growing. Baur, recently partnered with CTI Invest through the factory. This partnership will help steer the company into expanding its services. He was made the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. Through this, start-ups will access coaching from these top entrepreneurs and also financial management services.

The factory will offer young entrepreneurs an opportunity to interact with the very best there are in the field and in the end they will be in a position to build themselves as successful entrepreneurs. The offers one a deep insight into the factory and what it offers. The website also offers one a quick look into the career life of its founders. Through Mindcast Episode Baur offers entrepreneurs business tips to ensure that their start-ups grow and develop to be successful. It is based on an interview that was conducted early in the year. Swiss Startup Factory is an excellent avenue and platform for developing any startup.

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