DIVERSANT LLC Promotes Diversity in the American Workplaces

DIVERSANT LLC is one of the most accomplished African-American owned company offering exception IT staffing solutions. The New Jersey-headquartered firm has offices in other regions such as California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, as well as Texas. It has experienced a dramatic growth even during economic downturn. It has created an incredible reputation, particularly for the numerous Fortune 500 companies.

DIVERSANT LLC focuses on coming up with lasting solutions for the challenges it encounters in the information and technology sector. It uses a consultative approach that involves engaging the customers as business partners. It develops products and solutions geared towards meeting special needs of clients. Diversity and entrepreneurial culture are essential recipes to the company’s success. It promotes a culture of diversity in the American workplaces.

DIVERSANT LLC has created a dynamic portfolio of services and solutions that have transformed it into a technology giant. It offers services such as direct hire, IT staffing augmentation, and revolutionary diversity services. It adheres to high standards of the professional code of conduct.

John Goullet, the innovative leader

John Goullet is a brilliant and ambitious leader in the IT staffing sector. He started his career as an IT staffing executive and chose to establish his company called Info Technologies in 1994. He used his company to study and understand the corporate climate and IT staffing demands of his customers, then leveraging the work style and personalities of his consultants to meet the client needs. Goullet transformed Info Technologies into one of the greatest IT staffing and award-winning firm.

Education and early career

John Goullet attended the Ursinus College and earned an undergraduate and master’s degree in computer science. From 1981 to 1983, he was an employee of Lyndhurst, NJ-based Computer Science Corp. Between 1983 and 1986; he worked at The Constell Group headquartered in the Piscataway, NJ. He worked briefly with Bridgewater, NJ-based Information Services. From 1990 to 1994, Goullet was an employee of The Constell Gemini America based in Edison, NJ. Today, Goullet is the Principal Executive of DIVERSANT LLC., a prominent IT staffing company formed after the merger of Goullet’s info Technologies and Waddy’s Diversant Inc.

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