James Dondero Partners With the Dallas Foundation

James Dondero has recently become the topic of media attention because of his decision to partner with the Dallas Foundation in Dallas, Texas. The businessman, who is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management, briefly discussed his new partnership with the non-profit organization during an interview with a prominent business magazine. During his interview, Dondero discussed his desire to partner with the Dallas Foundation in an effort to further the philanthropic goals of Highland Capital Management. Dondero expressed his sincere pleasure that he was in a position to assist the Dallas Foundation with their published financial goals.

James Dondero has always expressed an interest in partnerships with non-profit organizations. His agreement with the Dallas Foundation has been mutually beneficial for Highland Capital Management and the non-profit organization. For Dondero, partnership with the Dallas Foundation is the realization of several philanthropic goals the businessman had set for himself. During his interview with the business magazine, Dondero stated that he strongly desired to fund organizations and programs that helped American citizens achieve financial independence and economic freedom. Since the Dallas Foundation is known for the economic service it provides to the Dallas community, Dondero’s partnership with this organization was a great achievement for him.

After establishing a legitimate financial strategy with the Dallas Foundation, James Dondero began to focus on setting budgets for the allocation of funds in the partnership. Dondero aims to allocate a large portion of funds towards the prevention of homelessness in the Dallas community. An estimated one in eight families in the Dallas area will experience homelessness at some point in life. Through his philanthropic efforts, Dondero hopes to drastically reduce those affected by homelessness in Dallas and surrounding areas. By partnering with the Dallas Foundation, Dondero has access to families who are facing extreme circumstances and seek help from the non-profit foundation. Dondero hopes to assist the Dallas Foundation in its effort to eliminate most of the poverty in the Dallas area through the use of various programs and initiaves designed to assist the families in ending their current emergencies and establishing security in life. More information regarding James Dondero’s partnership with the Dallas Foundation can be found here.

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