Kim Dao Offers Winter Skincare Tips

YouTube vlogger Kim Dao is known for providing skin care suggestions and tips for improving one’s looks with quality products. In one video, she shares ways to stay warm in the winter while keeping skin looking its best.


One of Kim Dao’s tips is to use hand warmers instead of gloves to keep the hands warm throughout the day. Hand warmers also keep the hands from sweating, which can sometimes happen when wearing gloves for a long period of time. Heat packs similar to the hand warmer can also be worn on various parts of the body to ward off the cold.


Keeping the skin moisturized is also important during the winter. Kim Dao recommends a sugar scrub with organ oil to keep the skin hydrated while gently and effectively getting rid of impurities and dead skin.


Kim Dao also recommends using a body butter after showering to lock in moisture and keep the skin from cracking and peeling during the winter. Body butters are thicker than lotions, and applying the moisturizer are a shower when the pores are open helps to keep the skin from getting dry throughout the day. She also suggests applying a layer of baby oil to the skin before applying moisturizer for another layer of hydration. This extra layer of moisture also helps to keep the body warmer.


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