Arthur Becker’s Turn to Put His Name on a Project

Arthur Becker is a Tech Mogul who, in the past, has been the money behind some of the biggest developers. Now, however, it is his turn to be able to put his name on a project. Becker is currently working on a condominium project. He is an investor that has been turned now a developer and he is working on an eight unit building that has an astounding projected sell out amount of $52.5 million. He to The Real Deal that it is going to be a boutique building and he is hiring a top interior designer to do all of the decorating work.

Becker began his career as a homebuilder and then moved to Hawaii where he operated a macadamia orchard. He then was able to move into technology and finance at a gradual rate.

Arthur Becker stated that once the building is complete, there will be seven smaller units and one large penthouse suite. All units will be in the 2,000 square foot range to 4,000 square feet and they will sell for between $5 million and $14 million, which will be the asking price of the penthouse. Becker bought the building in 2012 and he also bought the development rights so that he could expand the building from five stories to ten stories.

To this date, Becker has invested nearly $550 million worth of different projects in New York City. He has previously been the financial backer of a company known as PMG as well s Madison Equities condo development. Becker received three town homes in exchange for his investment in the project. He also was one of the many investors that bought and then later sold an assemblage to Alfa Development. Becker is very optimistic about this project he is currently working on and he expects it to do very well.

Arthur Becker graduated from Bennington College. He double majored in photography and ceramics. He also attended business school at Dartmouth and later began working by moving American houses from the 18th Century in New England. He later became the CEO of two different companies that had a focus in technology, more info can be found on Ideamensch.

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