Customers Reveal how Securus Technology has Helped them Prevent and Solve Crime

On the average weekly basis, Securus Technologies develops new service or product that helps corrections and enforcement officials to prevent and solve crimes. According to the Chief Executive Officer Richard Smith, the company receives many emails and letters on how their innovative products are helping families, inmates and the general society to solve illegal practices.


Safety building is the company’s primary objective, and it is their honor to serve and protect. Some of the customers commented how Securus Technologies had helped to create information that was used as the warrant to arrest dishonest staff member. The jail staff member was arrested for contravening of jail policy by introducing banned contraband to the jail birds.


The customers expressed sincere appraisal to Securus Technologies and were optimistic for more cooperation. Another customer commented how Securus Technology tools had helped to achieve information regarding inmate drug business and alcohol use within the prison facilities. The client was elated with how Securus Technology had revealed cellular device use and apprehensive conversation regarding prison money transfer.


The technology tool also helped reveal possible civilian incidents where prescription drugs were sold over the counter and past situations involving firearm misconduct. A separate customer said how his correctional facility had utilized Securus technology solutions for almost ten years.


This client was particularly happy with how Securus, their choice vendor was committed to the progressive improvement of public safety as well the transforming the incarceration environment. Other customers were impressed with Securus technology’s vision and present development assessment of emerging capabilities that improve investigations and jail security.


The customers were particularly full of joy with the evolved investigative tools and capacity to fluidly mix with their aggressive undercover approach. Another customer recalled how Securus technology’s Investigative tools had helped to conduct investigations regarding potential harassment and threat complaints from prison security.


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