Your Lips Deserve a Treat!

Are you ready to try something other than your garden variety cherry and medicated flavor chapsticks? Evolution of Smooth features delicious flavors that will have you tasting your lips all day, and they will be undeniably smooth and moisturized for hours. Check this out,


1.Blueberry Acai

Coming in at 95% organic, this Blueberry Acai lip balm is hard to beat. It’s healthy flavorful and budget friendly.


Strawberry Sorbet

2.Who doesn’t love the desert? Have your “cake” and eat it too with the strawberry sorbet flavored lip balm. Seconds, please!


Sweet Mint

3.This adds a twist to your ordinary mint flavored lip balms. Here we have the refreshing blast of mint, with an added sweetness that your lips will thank you for.


Vanilla Bean

4.Now here’s a flavor that doesn’t come around too often in EOS lip balm. Treat your lips to the moisture they deserve along with the flavor of the sweet vanilla bean.


5.Blackberry Nectar

Blackberries teaming up with sweet nectar will give your lips a blast of flavor and more importantly, a whole new level of moisture. Say goodbye to dry, dull lips. Click to know more about EOS.


Stationed in New York, Evolution of Smooth products has reached a worldwide audience since it was first founded over a decade ago. Join famous names such as Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, and Demi Lovato and discover the refreshing flavors of EOS lip balms. Started in 2006, Evolution of Smooth aka, EOS has taken the world by storm. Many have fallen in love with the natural simplicity of these personal care products. Not to mention the cute spherical shape that their world famous lip balms take on.

The price is affordable, starting at a modest $2.99 USD price point. The brand is very easy to find, in your neighborhood drug store of bigger department stores as well.

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