A Sneak Peek into Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is one of the biggest names in the New York area. He’s a very successful entrepreneur with a lot of startups and other business ventures under his belt. Recently, he’s made huge waves in the real estate world by developing and selling multi-million dollar properties. He’s also most known for his involvement with companies like NaviSite, Zinio, and Vera Wang fashion.

Some lesser known facts and ventures about Arthur Becker include some of his hobbies and questionable businesses. For starters, his investment in a binocular production company that came up with new, specialized binoculars named Bnox. To Arthur Becker, it seemed like a great idea. In truth, it was a horrible idea. He only invested in the company because the product because it reminded him of his favorite childhood toy: the little toy soldier with binoculars.

When he lived in Los Angele, CA, a friend convinced him to buy a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. The idea was to sell to a cookie making company. Together, they invested $4 million and built a dozen orchards. Some years later, they signed a contract with Mrs. Fields cookies. Eventually, they sold their inventory for nearly $10 million. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

Like all wealthy businesspeople, Becker has an antiquities collection. Arthur Becker likes collecting ancient African currency. Some of the coins in his collection are over one thousand years old. In his mind, money is a representation of humanity. Today, people treat money as though it’s a resource of life.

It’s one of the reasons he uses money in many of his works of art. What started as a small hobby for Becker turned into a full-blown passion? Becker has several pieces of his artwork displayed in some of his buildings. He even does money origami. He uses money and precious metals in much of his sculptures and paintings.

He also seemingly collects paperweights. Although he doesn’t refer to it as a collection, he has a lot of them on his desk. Two were gifts from his 94-year-old mother, who’s still vibrantly living.

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