Paul Mampilly’s Lauded Newsletter Skyrockets In Popularity

Financial newsletters are not generally known as a particularly popular reading medium but one particularly savvy investor’s pamphlet is changing all of that. The finance and investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited recently garnered over 60,000 which now puts it as one of the single fastest growing papers in the entire financial industry. One of the primary reasons for the paper’s undeniable and unusual popularity stems from Mr. Mampilly’s extensive track record and knowledge of the industry.

Paul Mampilly is a professional hedge fund manager who has worked for over 20 years on Wall Street and has managed the finances of some the largest and most successful companies on the planet such as ING and Kinetics International. One of Mr. Mampilly’s most impressive achievements was entering into a financial competition hosted by the Templeton group, wherein he took $ 50 dollars and turned in record time into $ 88 million during the summit of the financial crisis of 2008.

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Inside each of the eight page spreadsheets of each issue of Profits Unlimited readers are treated to a very well structured series of recommendations into what stocks to invest into, when as well as how, drawing on Mr. Mampilly’s 20 years of financial expertise. Paul Mampilly also outlines theoretical models for various different optimal looking portfolios and shows what you will want to have in your nest egg.

Online reviews of the newsletter are overwhelmingly positive with the majority praising the incisive commentary of Mampilly and noting that their own finances increased markedly shortly after they began to employ his investment tactics and strategies. The publishing company and research firm which prints Profits Unlimited, Banyan Hill has recently seen a marked increase in its subscriber base as well and now boast over 200,000 paying members which is quite a testament to the companies dedication to quality.

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