Inmates Secrets Exposed Using Securus Technologies

My job as a corrections officer is dangerous enough, I do not need the inmates getting their hands on all sorts of contraband and making life for all others on the inside deadly. It is bad enough these inmates outnumber my team of officers, you bring drugs and weapons in the fold and now we are in for the fight of our lives. In order to maintain order, we have a number of resources available to use each day.


Using drug-sniffing dogs and full body scanning equipment will help to control some of the problem, but it isn’t enough. For many years we used the inmate call monitoring system to try and listen to the inmates taking to those on the outside. The problem with the old system was that it took too many officers to work and the results were less than stellar. That all changed the day that Securus Technologies installed the new system in our prison.


Securus Technologies is based in Texas, headed by CEO Richard Smith, and has 1,000 dedicated employees who are all working to make the world safer. The LBS software does the work of a team of officers, being able to scan all the calls and find certain conversations about contraband, then alerting the officers as to which calls to pay attention to.


After my team and I were more familiar with the software, we could not believe what we discovered. One call revealed that an inmate did have an illegal cellphone that he needed his mother to buy more minutes for him. One call revealed an inmate was getting drugs from his sister to sell in the jail. Another inmate talked about how he hid a weapon in the yard just in case he needed some protection. Each time we took action swiftly.


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