Jim Larkin: Ireland’s Hero

When you look at the country of Ireland today, you see a wealthy nation that is rich in culture, heritage, and history. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography

The pride of the Irish is one that is hard to compete against and, the many historical figures that made Ireland what it is today, ought to be thanked for their hard work and sacrifice. Having said that, there is perhaps no better person to talk about than Dublin’s own, Jim Larkin.

In taking a look at how great of an impact Jim Larkin had on his country and people around him, we will go in detail on his early life, his organized movements, and the commemorations and tributes he has received after his long life of dedication to the greater good. Without further ado, here is the life of Ireland’s Hero, Jim Larkin.

Early Life

Even though he goes by the name of Jim, Jim Larkin was born James Larkin in January of 1876 in Liverpool, England. Growing up in the slums of Liverpool, Jim took this humble beginning and found a way to make it through. Perhaps this upbringing would motivate him into making life better not only for himself but for those who lived just like him.

Despite the fact, Jim managed to deal with little formal education and not much of a childhood, due to the fact that he had to provide his family with as much income as he could. Very early on a child, he had to learn the value of hard work. A normal day for young Jim would be to go to school in the mornings, and work in the afternoon, every day.

Not only was it his way of living that he had to deal with very early on, but also personal tragedies. At just the age of fourteen, Jim lost his father who he worked alongside. It was the first time in his life he had lost someone he was really close to.

However, all of this turmoil he went through is important to mention because, despite it all, he managed to become a full-time trade union organizer by early 1900’s. This would be the start of his historic legacy.

Organized Movements For the Greater Good

As mentioned before, it was his early life that motivated him into fighting for the good of people. This is why, as a trade union movement organizer, he made a life-long dedication to encouraging socialism, getting rid of capitalism, and showing commitment and love hatred to the underprivileged.

It was with this mindset, that he would go on to organizing the Irish Labor Movement, the Dublin Lockout and much more work in other countries such as the United States. All of which had the greater good of the people in his mind and, more importantly, as his main priority.

Commemorations and tributes

It is no surprise that because of Jim’s great accomplishments, that he would go on to be commemorated in many songs, monuments, and pieces of literature, as only great heroes are. Since his passing, Jim has been the topic of literature from the likes of Patrick Kavanagh, Brendan Behan, and Frank O’Connor, just to name a few.

He even has a song called “The Lockout”, by Joe O’ Sullivan, in which it describes his organization of the Dublin Lockout. There is also a statue of him called “Big Jim” in the streets of Dublin, in his honor.

Needless to say, Jim Larkin was a great man not just for Ireland, but for people in general worldwide, however, Ireland has the privilege of calling him their hero.

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