Three Side-Effects of Neuroscore MuscleTech Pre-Workout Supplements and How To Avoid Them

We live in a day and age where we want to feel a “high.” We want to feel some kind of high before our workout begins. We assume there is something wrong with the supplement when we do not feel anything. We are so consumed with the “high” that we very rarely stop and think about the potential side-effects of using a Neuroscore supplement. That stops today. Today, we are going to focus on three side-effects users need to be aware of when using their Neuroscore products. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

1) Did you know that these supplements are filled with caffeine? I am talking about up to 400MG per serving of each Neurocore pre-workout supplement. Some numbers may vary. You will feel ten times worse if you already suffer from insomnia. How can you combat this? You may plan on working out in the early evening and crash around 10 PM or 11. Take the Neuroscore supplement before 5 PM. That way your body will be ready to crash when you want to go to bed. Otherwise, you are going to stare at the ceiling all night.


Those who already suffer from insomnia may find this page inspiring.

2) Some of you may face diarrhea with using this Neurocore supplement. It can be an unfortunate side-effect on some. A simple fix is to add water. The directions probably tell you to add water anyway. Add more water to the mix and see what happens. Those who still face issues with diarrhea can click here and this Youtube video

3) Do you face dehydration during the workout? Sometimes your Neuroscore MuscleTech supplement is going to do that. The trick is to consume water throughout the day, even if you are not thirsty. The dehydration can also be a side-effect with diarrhea. Drink water before, during, and after your workout. Some say to drink things like Gatorade because of the electrolytes. You can do that, but water is the better bet. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.