Why You Should Switch to a Cleansing Conditioner

     Using a cleansing conditioner on your hair has so many benefits. It will not only strengthen your hair, but you will even do away with split ends and dry strands. The problem with most shampoos on the market today, is that they are filled with harsh chemicals that damage your hair every time you use them. But a cleansing conditioner gently cleanses your hair without the use of sulfates and chemicals.

A cleansing conditioner will not lather quite like your usual shampoo (the evidence of a sulfate-free product) and it does not strip your hair of its natural oils. It is gentle enough to use on color-treated hair and it is perfect for anyone suffering with scalp irritations and allergies. And since it does not strip your hair of its natural oils, it will leave your hair feeling healthier and softer. A cleansing conditioner will also replace a lot of the products that your normally have to use to make your hair healthy again after stripping it of its natural oils.

WEN hair care products are made from natural ingredients like glycerin, chamomile extract, rosemary extract, and wild cherry bark. The ingredients that make up WEN products will help to strengthen hair and restore it to its natural health-without the use of any chemicals.

WEN hair care products were created by a passionate and successful hair stylist known as Chaz Dean. He has a large clientele list that even includes celebrities and he styles hair for award and fashion shows.

For more, go to http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.


Unique Flavors For Lip Balm: Blueberry Acai and Passionfruit


EOS lip balm comes in a spherical shape unlike other chapsticks and lip balms. That isn’t the only thing that makes it unique. The amazing flavors that EOS offers also set it apart from the lip balm crowds. Two flavors that they offer which are really unique are the passionfruit flavor and the blueberry acai flavor.

Do you know what passionfruit is? Passionfruit is a tropical fruit with a hard, dark purple or yellow rind. The inside of a passionfruit is golden yellow, and full of seeds that are packed in juicy, pulpy fruit. Passionfruit has a sweet, tropical, almost floral flavor. If you don’t know what the passionfruit flavor is, you will have to try the EOS lip balm! This flavor is really unique, and once you try it you fall in love. The Passionfruit Smooth Sphere Lip Balm comes in a beautiful light purple sphere. Follow knowing this flavor on youtube.com.

The second super unique flavor that EOS has come up with recently is blueberry acai. This flavor combines sweet, earthy blueberries with the rich flavor of acai berries. Acai berries are about an inch long, and grow on palm trees. They have a very distinct flavor, which combines really well with the blueberry flavor to make a lovely outcome. The acai berry grows in Central America as well as South America. The Blueberry Acai Spherical Lip balm that EOS offers is a truly one of a kind flavor. The sphere that it comes in is light blue! Read more related article here on blogwebpedia.com.

EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth. This lip balm company was founded in part by Craig Dubitsky, who is known for being an entrepreneur who can shake up existing industries in order to introduce a product and have it become successful. That is exactly what happened with EOS. The lip balm industry up until EOS entered had remained very stagnant. EOS lip balms introduced something new and fresh!

See cool videos of EOS here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM

This Is Why Brian Bonar Was One of Only 4 Who Made It To the Cambridge Who’s Who List in Finance

When looking at the financial world, you usually look for the top entrepreneurs who are making and shaping the financial industry and the world of business. So today we will be talking about Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar, who is well known as a successful entrepreneur, is shaking up the world.

So who exactly is this famous entrepreneur? Well, Brian Bonar is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is well versed in everything that has to do with real estate, including designing, contracting, administration, and everything else.

Brian Bonar always is there to help out his team, his partners and his customers. His portfolio is very vast and encompasses all sorts of projects, from commercial to multifamily dwelling places. In fact, because of how Brian Bonar is shaking up the financial world, he was selected for the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in finance. This is an unheard of achievement. Only four people each year get it, two males and two females.

Brian Bonar and Dalrada offer companies and businesses all sorts of employee programs, so that companies can give their employees the benefits they deserve easily and seamlessly. Other programs include risk management insurance and business management services.

Brian Bonar does many other amazing stuff as well. In fact, he is the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. Imaging Technologies Corporation is a leading provider of digital imaging and color imaging, both hardware and software. Another business venture of Brian Bonar is his recent purchase of Source One Group. Source One Group offers employee management services to small and to medium sized businesses, such as payroll assistance and human resources.

Brian Bonar studied at Stafford University. There, he earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. His expertise ranges from advertising, lead acquisition, venture capital funding, new business development, mergers, acquisitions, and much more.

He first starting working at IBM. He outsourced motherboards for the computers that they produced. Next, he went to work at QMS, where he worked for four years. During his four years at QMS, he was in charge of over one hundred engineers, and he oversaw how they created and developed both software and hardware.

After four years at QMS, in 1989, Brian Bonar went on to work at Restek Corporation. There, he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He was in charge of marketing, and he got more involved in the printing industry this way. He then went on to work for marketing at Adaptec. At Adaptec, he worked with major companies from the other end of the world.

He then founded many companies. He founded Bezier Systems, AMS Outsourcing and Dalrada Financial. He was CEO of Allegiant Professional Business Services, Trucept and more.

Cotemar is a Leader in the Industry for Mexico

When you hear the name Cotemar in Mexico, the name stands for a company that stands for integrity in success for its people. The dream began in 1979 serving an industry that has traditionally not been well known for such an excellent reputation. Cotemar has been known as that though and is staffed by Mexican people that truly love their position.


History and Values


Located in Ciudad del Carmen, it is a leading company in the oil, offshore construction, maintenance and maritime services industry. Equipped with computers that have the latest technology today for a system that is dynamically accurate for its use today, the company is completely linked via the most current satellite technology. This satellite technology is a game-changer for most. The values that have always been an active part of life at Cotemar makes it one dedicated to a moral and sustainable company which serves the people in the industry, and its employees for years to come.


Here are Some of Cotemar’s Services


Some of the ships that are used by Cotemar are semi-submersible, offering top of the line inspection options for those clients which it serves. Transportation of vessels is yet another service that the company provides for the clients which it serves for their offshore rigs. This allows clients to explore oil discovery within the area. It works in all types of environments as well, making it an excellent choice in the industry.


Safety and Sustainability


Cotemar’s safety record is unsurpassed in the industry. Offering fire fighting, related aspects of that danger, and spill services as well. Always safety-minded, Cotemar is prepared to handle any disaster that might come up during business. Fully able to provide basic services as well, Cotemar can help maintain offshore rigs when its help is required from clients. Sustainable in its food and sanitation services as well, it’s easy to see how it is a great choice.


Working at Cotemar


Working at Cotemar is a wonderful way for many Mexican people to support themselves and their families. Life within the company offers full benefits and some of the best quality HR support anywhere. The values that the company has always represented has made them a leader in the workforce of Mexico.


All of this has made Cotemar one of the leading companies in the offshore rig industry. Comprised of Mexican staff, it is also a leading employer for Mexico Today.

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Fun Lip Balm Flavors From EOS

When you want a lip balm that brings excitement to your life, the EOS brand never disappoints. The balms are designed to entice all the senses, starting with sight, and continuing to taste and smell. One application across the lips, and a taste and smell, and instantly you’ll understand how the EOS brand rose so quickly to the top of the game.

Strawberry Sorbet is one EOS lip balm flavor that users love. This flavor is also the best-selling of the seven flavors currently offered. If the flavor of strawberries isn’t what you had in mind, don’t worry, because Honeydew Melon is there. It’s a melon-y good time when you soothe your lips with this balm.

Pomegranate Raspberry is a unique flavor, and certainly one that you can appreciate if you are tired of the usual flavors. It has a deep and refreshing taste you can appreciate. Maybe you’re a lover of mint. If so, try the EOS Sweet Mint flavored lip balm. Or, go with Passion Fruit flavor or Summer Fruit, ensuring your daily fruit dose is satisfied. Shop now here at amazon.ca.

Refer to this interesting link, http://blogwebpedia.com/beyond-lip-balm-eos-hacks-need-know.html/

There’s so many awesome EOS lip balm flavors that everyone can easily find one they love, check it now. Chances are good that you will find several flavors that you love. And, if the organic sphere flavors aren’t satisfying enough, there are two additional collections that also offer fun flavors for your lip care needs.


Anthony Petrello Rises Above It All

Anthony Petrello has been a power house at Nabors Industries, an international drilling corporation since he started there in 1991. While making his way from the legal world to the corporate world he has learned much along the way and had a myriad of personal and business experiences. All of which have helped to develop him into the dynamic strategist that is needed to catapult Nabors Industries to the top of the corporate world and keep it there.

In the early years at Nabors Industries before Anthony Petrello came on board there was some rocky roads. The previous CEO had a few financial and personal problems and the company’s financial bottom line dropped a bit. Under Mr. Petrello’s guidance even through some rough economic times Nabors Industries has done very well.

Anthony Petrello was once thought to become a mathematical Titan in the world of Academia. Indeed his college roommate at Yale equated him to something of a Good Will Hunting, constantly doing mathematical theorems on napkins. However, to everybody’s surprise he went on to law and graduated from Harvard Law School with a Juris doctorate degree and more information click here.

What talent the world of Academia lost the business world gained. Anthony Petrello was able to use his superior intellect to win at the corporate game. How much he was able to win is able to be seen with the stock market prices and stock options of the shareholders for Nabors Industries. The company worth is growing and continues to grow under Mr. Petrello’s guidance and his Twitter.

Although Anthony Petrello has done very well in his professional life he has had some challenges in his personal life. He and his wife have a child with a serious neurological disorder. However, they have not let this keep them down. They have used this challenge to help others with the same issues. Mr. Petrello is an active advocate for children with neurological disorders. He is a member of the Board of Directors at the Texas Children’s Hospital and he is a firm believer that successful clinical trials can help build a better future for children with neurological disorders and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

More visit: https://www.inc.com/profile/nabors-industries

Madison Street Capital Facilitates a Merger between Two Outstanding Tech Companies

Madison Street Capital, a financial conglomerate, recently helped DCG Software close a major deal. DCG Software is a company that specializes in the provision of services, such as software estimation services, point analysis, and software value management.


Madison Street Capital helps DCG Software to acquire a business partner


Madison Street Capital facilitated the merger between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software. The Spitfire Group is a tech firm that guides customers in aligning their technology initiatives and business objectives. This company is popular for employing the force multiplier concept, which helps IT companies and their teams to perform better. For this reason, The Spitfire Group merger with DCG Software is expected to be a success. Upon securing the deal, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, and Jay Rodgers made the announcement. According to Charles Botchway, Mike Harris, principal of DCG Software, and the CEO of The Spitfire Group, Mark Richtermeyer, are experienced in management. Additionally, these IT experts have the potential to grow their businesses tremendously. Charles Botway also added that he enjoyed working with them.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment firms in the world. This company thrives on the values of great leadership, integrity, excellence, and service delivery. This company pioneers in the provision of advisory services to private and public businesses. Madison Street Capital has a broad range of clientele spread across the globe. These clients rely on this firm for consulting services. Among the services and products provided by Madison Include:


  • Business valuation


  • Corporate advisory


  • Financial opinions


  • Assessment for financial reporting


  • Asset management


  • Tax planning and wealth preservation


Among the key people at Madison Street Capital is Charles Botchway, who also serves as the chief executive officer. This company serves both the lower and middle-income enterprises. Madison Street Capital reputation in delivering personalized services to clients has earned it numerous awards. The recent awards that the firm has won include the highly coveted Annual Turnaround Awards for Restructuring Deal of the Year and the Distinguished Annual International M&A Advisor Awards. Other awards won by Madison Street Capital include the Annual Emerging Leaders and the NACVA’s 40 Under Forty Industry Mavericks Awards. Madison Street Capital is a trusted employer – the firm is always looking to employ focused, dedicated, smart, disciplined, and entrepreneurial individuals. According to the company’s CEO, Madison Street Capital hires strong-willed people who are not afraid of challenging the status quo. Its pool of employees includes valuation analysts, researchers, accountants, sales executives, and legal professionals.


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A Bold, Bright Future with EOS

EOS lip balm company sprang up out of seeming nowhere 7 years ago. EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is an all-natural, organic company that has people raving. The sphere-shaped package with its bright colors appeals to consumers of all ages. Once EOS broke into the mainstream, they started selling at such a rapid rate that it became nearly impossible to keep them on the shelves. They currently sell over 1 million lip balms each week, which is more than they sold in their first entire year! Find out more here on .

EOS has previously worked with a holiday designer by the name of Rachel Roy on a limited-edition holiday line as well as partnering with corporate giant Disney for a limited-edition Alice and Wonderland line that sold out within hours. EOS uses star power to help market their products, teaming up with artists like Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift to endorse the brand. Browse more here.

EOS was looking to jumpstart the chapstick industry as consumers didn’t have a lot of choices. They offer fun flavors like Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet, as well as Vanilla Mint and Coconut Milk, plus a variety of other flavors. You are also able to get Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Visibly Smooth Spheres, and Organic Smooth Spheres and Sticks. EOS offers limited-edition Spring flavors as well as multi-packs, which you can purchase from their website. EOS has now branched out into hand and body lotions, as well as shaving cream. This company just keeps expanding and everything they do becomes a huge hit with its buyers. EOS has a bright future on its horizon, and it is well deserved. Follow EOS Official twitter.com page.

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Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is Changing Lives

Mike Baur is one of the most celebrated businessmen in Switzerland. He was born and raised in the Fribourg region. Mike Baur has always had a particular concern for the finance world, and this has played a fundamental role in his successful career. The businessman is believed to have worked in the Swiss banking world for over twenty years.


Mike Baur’s Career


When growing up, Mike Baur was fascinated by any banking and finance activities. This passion helped him start off his entrepreneurial journey after working in the employment industry for several decades. After leaving his job in the banking world, Mike Baur partnered with Oliver Walzer and two other people in business to start the famous Swiss Startup Factory. The startup firm has done well, and it is currently considered to be one of the leading private owned startup accelerator companies in the United States.


Whenever he is not busy with his startup company, the businessman loves dedicating his time to entrepreneurial programs that concern the youth. Many people respect him for his mentorship to the young people. The merchant offers the young people the financial help they need to make sure that their ideas are transformed into great businesses.


Mike Baur’s educational background is believed to have played a role in his fruitful career.

According to his resume, the finance executive went for his studies at the well-known Rochester University, based in New York City. Later on, he went for his MBA at the prestigious University of Berne. According to the Wall Street Journal, the businessman has spent most of career life in investment startups, Swiss banking and other businesses that have brought numerous changes to the country.


The Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory was established in the market in the year 2014. The firm serves as an accelerator program to the people in the country, and it is based in Zurich town. The company searches for the digital entrepreneurs who want to thrive in the competitive business world. These individuals are later on offered great opportunities through the firm’s powerful networks around the globe.


People joining the startup company are given a three month training period where they are educated about the business world. These individuals are also given the money they need to chase their dreams in business. Some of them are also provided with offices at strategic locations in Zurich town. Persons who have received the training from the company have done well in business.



Mike Heiligenstein, the CTRMA’s Executive Director

Mike Heiligenstein merged into Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority at the time when the firm when the company had just been established. The implication here is therefore that it had a maximal chance of seeing the company budding as time progressed.

Mike, later on, joined the sovereign governmental agency in the year2003. Mike  joined at this time to offer service at the position of the Executive Director of the company. The company was about one year old at the time he joined to provide service in the business.

He proceeded to watch over the agency’s initial project the county of Williamson. The expectation was therefore that the project would do away with cash tolls then transform them to an entirely electronic cashless toll assortment. Before joining CTRMA, Mike served as a member of the Round Rock City Council as well as a commissioner in Williamson County. He also worked for over thirty years as an official in the public sector.

Mike Heiligenstein have a lot of confidence in the idea that the toll roads are among the solutions to the path congestion. As time progresses, the tolled roads have been increasing significantly. This has led to the establishment of roads worth more than $1 billion.

Through the effectiveness of such routes, several motorists do subscribe to their usage. The result here been a substantial decrease of the traffic jam on the non-tolled roads which facilitates the ease of the traffic flow.

Additionally, Mike Heiligenstein, also considers that the usage of tolled highways by trucks has minimized road worsening. The whole thing is quite common in the county roads. The reason could be that the tolled roads are constructed architecturally to bear the heavy loads carried by heavy trucks.

The CTRMA was founded in the year 2002 as a self-regulating government agency. The objective of its establishment was to deal appropriately deal with the traffic congestion via the utilization of innovative methods.

An efficient strategy for facilitating this was via introducing the tolled roads. The introduction was facilitated by the agency. The result is that the scenario of people often using their cars to travel around purposelessly.

Upon the implementing this, there was a noteworthy drop in traffic. CTRMA also works with Motropia. It is worth noting that they have been able to incorporate a traffic application that the motorists utilize as a platform for receiving updates through the next news of the road happenings.