This Is Why Brian Bonar Was One of Only 4 Who Made It To the Cambridge Who’s Who List in Finance

When looking at the financial world, you usually look for the top entrepreneurs who are making and shaping the financial industry and the world of business. So today we will be talking about Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar, who is well known as a successful entrepreneur, is shaking up the world.

So who exactly is this famous entrepreneur? Well, Brian Bonar is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is well versed in everything that has to do with real estate, including designing, contracting, administration, and everything else.

Brian Bonar always is there to help out his team, his partners and his customers. His portfolio is very vast and encompasses all sorts of projects, from commercial to multifamily dwelling places. In fact, because of how Brian Bonar is shaking up the financial world, he was selected for the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in finance. This is an unheard of achievement. Only four people each year get it, two males and two females.

Brian Bonar and Dalrada offer companies and businesses all sorts of employee programs, so that companies can give their employees the benefits they deserve easily and seamlessly. Other programs include risk management insurance and business management services.

Brian Bonar does many other amazing stuff as well. In fact, he is the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. Imaging Technologies Corporation is a leading provider of digital imaging and color imaging, both hardware and software. Another business venture of Brian Bonar is his recent purchase of Source One Group. Source One Group offers employee management services to small and to medium sized businesses, such as payroll assistance and human resources.

Brian Bonar studied at Stafford University. There, he earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. His expertise ranges from advertising, lead acquisition, venture capital funding, new business development, mergers, acquisitions, and much more.

He first starting working at IBM. He outsourced motherboards for the computers that they produced. Next, he went to work at QMS, where he worked for four years. During his four years at QMS, he was in charge of over one hundred engineers, and he oversaw how they created and developed both software and hardware.

After four years at QMS, in 1989, Brian Bonar went on to work at Restek Corporation. There, he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He was in charge of marketing, and he got more involved in the printing industry this way. He then went on to work for marketing at Adaptec. At Adaptec, he worked with major companies from the other end of the world.

He then founded many companies. He founded Bezier Systems, AMS Outsourcing and Dalrada Financial. He was CEO of Allegiant Professional Business Services, Trucept and more.