The Incomparable Crystal Hunt

Meet the cute little 2 year old pageant contestant from Clearwater, Florida. Even then you could tell she was a star. You have to wonder, does she rent shelf space for all her achievements? A beauty out the gate, she’s impressed our minds with such memorable characters as Lizzie Spaulding and Stacy Morasco. And you can’t forget where she shined in The Derby Stallion alongside Zac Efron. And we are not going to embarrass her with Magic Mike XXL. Hi Lauren.

Crystal Hunt was born a star. And the mannish Lizzie Spaulding was bound to make that happen. Lizzie was just the tip of the iceberg after doing commercials. Crystal would prove she had staying power. At an age where most fourteen year old kids are in school, hanging out with friends, and doing things regular kids do, Crystal was fine tuning her acting chops and making a name for herself. Even at a young age she had that drive and desire, that sparkle in her eyes that light up a room. She is infectious, and it shows in every role she takes on. And as she gets older, and more beautiful, there is no denying her star appeal. She is by her own right, a star with undeniable appeal.

The way she graces across the screen is pure magic. If you haven’t seen her latest project, Queen of Drama, you should. With such episodes as “I don’t do ugly”, “People should keep their opinions to themselves”, “Those little devils”, “Dealing with sociopath”, and so on. With thousands of fans, Crystal isn’t going away. You can also find this 5’4’ beauty on Crystal Hunt TV.  What people don’t know about Crystal, she is a licensed boater, she loves Starbucks coffee, Roxy is her real dog, and she had to audition five times to get the role of Lizzie before being contracted in 2004.  Be sure to check out her official website, and Crystal can also be found on social media.