Mike Heiligenstein, the CTRMA’s Executive Director

Mike Heiligenstein merged into Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority at the time when the firm when the company had just been established. The implication here is therefore that it had a maximal chance of seeing the company budding as time progressed.

Mike, later on, joined the sovereign governmental agency in the year2003. Mike  joined at this time to offer service at the position of the Executive Director of the company. The company was about one year old at the time he joined to provide service in the business.

He proceeded to watch over the agency’s initial project the county of Williamson. The expectation was therefore that the project would do away with cash tolls then transform them to an entirely electronic cashless toll assortment. Before joining CTRMA, Mike served as a member of the Round Rock City Council as well as a commissioner in Williamson County. He also worked for over thirty years as an official in the public sector.

Mike Heiligenstein have a lot of confidence in the idea that the toll roads are among the solutions to the path congestion. As time progresses, the tolled roads have been increasing significantly. This has led to the establishment of roads worth more than $1 billion.

Through the effectiveness of such routes, several motorists do subscribe to their usage. The result here been a substantial decrease of the traffic jam on the non-tolled roads which facilitates the ease of the traffic flow.

Additionally, Mike Heiligenstein, also considers that the usage of tolled highways by trucks has minimized road worsening. The whole thing is quite common in the county roads. The reason could be that the tolled roads are constructed architecturally to bear the heavy loads carried by heavy trucks.

The CTRMA was founded in the year 2002 as a self-regulating government agency. The objective of its establishment was to deal appropriately deal with the traffic congestion via the utilization of innovative methods.

An efficient strategy for facilitating this was via introducing the tolled roads. The introduction was facilitated by the agency. The result is that the scenario of people often using their cars to travel around purposelessly.

Upon the implementing this, there was a noteworthy drop in traffic. CTRMA also works with Motropia. It is worth noting that they have been able to incorporate a traffic application that the motorists utilize as a platform for receiving updates through the next news of the road happenings.