Doe Deere And The Lime Crime Color Revolution

Doe Deere, creator and CEO of the vibrant and daring cosmetic line, Lime Crime talked about her formula for success. In an interview, Deere explained the philosophy that led to her being named as one of the “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” by Self-Made Magazine.

Deere described herself as an “artistic, imaginative kid,” who was “hardcore into color,” experimenting with pencils and paints before moving onto makeup. At the age of nine, she began including her friends in her exploration of color. Deere admits she was “actually pretty bad at makeup,” until she reached her 20’s. Deere, driven by her passion for color and desire to create new ways for women to express themselves, continued to experiment.

After discovering theatrical makeup, Deere started breaking traditional cosmetic boundaries. She describes makeup as being “the journey of discovery and experimentation.” Deere continued with her experimentation, pushing cosmetic borderlines and gaining a large online following in the process.

In 2008, Deere decided it was time to get serious and moved Lime Crime into a bigger market. Deere had created the name in 2004 when she began selling on eBay. Deere admits she would have chosen another name if she knew how successful her line would become. However, the name, like the company has grown significantly. Deere states the name “stands for color revolution,” and makes it easy to search for online.

Deere values the advantages to being an internet-based company. She welcomes the instant feedback from her customers, recognizing it as a tool to help the company mature and develop. Deere states, “it’s all part of the entrepreneurial journey.”

Deere stated it was “pretty surreal” to find herself on the cover of Self-Made Magazine, along with Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington. She credits her success to loving what she does and hopes her passion will inspire other women to begin their own entrepreneurial journeys.  Be sure to check out Lime Crime for yourself too on websites like Urban Outfitters.