How Avi Weisfogel has Majored in the Treatment of Sleep Conditions

Avi Weisfogeln is one of the dentists who have are highly recognized in New Jersey for the excellent services that they offer. He is interested in conducting research on sleep conditions such as sleep apnea. Avi Weisfogel has been studying the field for the past 15 years and has made progress that has significantly assisted individuals who are affected by the problem. He has founded various organizations to support his undertakings, and they include Unlimited Sleep Patients, Healthy Heart Sleep, and Dental Sleep Masters. Avi has been working as a dentist at the Old Bridge Dental Care, which is a hospital that he established in 1999. The clinic has been offering excellent services, and this made Weisfogel to be appreciated as the Best Dentist in New Jersey about three times.

Weisfogel started dealing with sleep disorders after noticing that some of the patients that he treated were affected by the problem. The lack of sufficient information on the condition motivated him to focus on the field and founded Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. The organization has been working with medical professionals across the globe in establishing sleep labs to conduct more research in the field.

Dr. Weisfogel later created Unlimited Sleep Patients. The company has been acting as a platform that medical professionals use in sharing ideas on how various sleep conditions can be treated. My doctors have been able to gain knowledge on sleep problems from Unlimited Sleep Patients. Avi is also the founder of another firm that is known as Dental Sleep Masters. Its primary focus is to guide dentists on how they can cure patients who are affected by the problem by using their work tools. The FDA has allowed the Dental Sleep Masters to run clinical tests of the therapies that it has created and what Avi knows.

Avi has been working with a charity organization that is called Operation Smile for the past few years. The foundation is devoted to making sure that all children across the globe are offered excellent medical care despite their backgrounds. Weisfogel has been using money from his GoFundMe account to support the organization’s undertakings and read full article.

InnovaCare Aims To Provide Quality Healthcare In Puerto Rico

InnovaCare is a company that spells out quality health care and customer service to the best of its abilities. Based out of Puerto Rico, the company aims to give their clients the best in healthcare and medical facilities in their time of need. To meet the needs of the people of Puerto Rico, InnovaCare aims to provide leading services while changing the face of the health and medical sectors in the country.

InnovaCare believes that one of the best ways they can service their customers better is by developing strong ties with the people who come to them. The company has numerous departments to ensure that their patients receive all the care and support they need in times of medical emergencies and illnesses. But one thing that sets InnovaCare apart from other companies of its type is their cost-effective yet high-quality services they provide. A Lot of times, people tend to slack off on their health and be averse to going to doctors because they can be quite expensive. InnovaCare wanted quality healthcare to be available to everyone, and not be barred only because someone can’t afford it. The company has extremely flexible plans to ensure that everyone is always taken care of. Contact details available at

InnovaCare Health works on a system of membership, whereby people can register and avail of their services in times of need. Medical emergencies can spring up at any time, and hence staying prepared is the best way to ensure that one always gets treatment on time. When a customer signs up on the InnovaCare website, they have to choose a membership plan which they want to pay for. When the client is in need of medical attention, those plans cover up the medical bills when the patient is being treated at InnovaCare.

The success of InnovaCare is mainly because of the strong leadership it has, guiding the organization on all its operations. At the head of the company is Rick Shinto, who serves as the CEO. His right-hand man, or woman if we may, is Penelope Kokkinides, who acts as the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Together, with their incredible experience in the field of healthcare, they have taken InnovaCare to new heights, making it the strong establishment it is today. Their contribution has significantly changed the company for the better, especially with the introduction of two new healthcare packages, which were pioneered by Shinto and Kokkinides.

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