A Bold, Bright Future with EOS

EOS lip balm company sprang up out of seeming nowhere 7 years ago. EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is an all-natural, organic company that has people raving. The sphere-shaped package with its bright colors appeals to consumers of all ages. Once EOS broke into the mainstream, they started selling at such a rapid rate that it became nearly impossible to keep them on the shelves. They currently sell over 1 million lip balms each week, which is more than they sold in their first entire year! Find out more here on .

EOS has previously worked with a holiday designer by the name of Rachel Roy on a limited-edition holiday line as well as partnering with corporate giant Disney for a limited-edition Alice and Wonderland line that sold out within hours. EOS uses star power to help market their products, teaming up with artists like Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift to endorse the brand. Browse more here.

EOS was looking to jumpstart the chapstick industry as consumers didn’t have a lot of choices. They offer fun flavors like Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet, as well as Vanilla Mint and Coconut Milk, plus a variety of other flavors. You are also able to get Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Visibly Smooth Spheres, and Organic Smooth Spheres and Sticks. EOS offers limited-edition Spring flavors as well as multi-packs, which you can purchase from their website. EOS has now branched out into hand and body lotions, as well as shaving cream. This company just keeps expanding and everything they do becomes a huge hit with its buyers. EOS has a bright future on its horizon, and it is well deserved. Follow EOS Official twitter.com page.

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