Michael Zomber is a Seasoned Historian and Specialist in Antique Collection

According to White Pages, Michael Zomber has built his career in the specialty of collecting antique weapons, armors, preserving history, writing screenplays, books, and producing historical films. He obtained his honors degree in Psychology and English Literature as well as his postgrad in English Literature from the distinguished UCLA.

He collaborates with his wife on numerous projects, including the inception of Renascent Films, a leading film production firm. He has collected treasured antique arms and armor from distinct parts of the world.

Michael has a perfect mastery of weapons that existed between the sixteenth and the nineteenth century. He has collected Japanese, American, Islamic, and European weapons.

Michael Zoomber emphasizes on artistic qualities when collecting and selling antique arms. His main aim is to ensure buyers of his swords or guns are aware of the significance of the weapons both today and in the past.

He has demonstrated his unparalleled expertise in the collection of antique weapons and passion for preserving history by educating viewers of History Channel.


PR News Wire believes that Michael Zomber is a prominent historical author who has published many cherished books. For individuals interested in understanding the ins and outs of the Civil War, Michael has published a series of books that paints the picture of rural Kentucky immediately after the war.

Jesus and the Samurai and Shogun Lemitsu are books that describe the history and culture of Japan. Michael and Andrea, his wife, are the brains behind the globally recognized documentary movie called the Soul of the Samurai. Their proprietary firm, the Renascent Films LLC, was in charge of producing this documentary film.

A strong advocate for peace

As a passionate historian, Michael knows the horrors that armed conflict can cause. Therefore, he encourages people to avoid situations that can result in war and focus on solving their differences through peaceful negotiations and dialogues.

He unconditionally supports non-profitable organizations that promote peace like the Amnesty International, UNICEF, and the renowned Doctors Without Borders.