Bumble Expands Into Other Areas As Whitney Wolfe Competes In Social Media Realm

Bumble is a company that is based in Texas, but there are 35 employees that work for this company on a global scale. This is a small company compared to other dating app companies, but it is definitely growing. Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble and she has more than a few plans in mind when it comes to expanding awareness about this company.

When Whitney Wolfe started Bumble she was simply thinking in terms of creating a feminist dating app that put women in control. As time went on she decided to branch the Bumble brand out into other aspects of networking with another component call BumbleBizz. Whitney Wolfe would also create an extension of Bumble called Bumble BFF. This would be area where people that would use Bumble if they were simply looking for friendships without the hassle of getting into dating.

Whitney Wolfe may have started small, but she definitely showed signs of someone that wants to be a bigger company that can handle all aspects of social media. She is going further than simply competing with the other dating apps. By opening up Bumble to be an all-in-one social media company he is also competing with other social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

With Bumble Whitney Wolfe has shown singles that they don’t have to go anywhere else to look for dates. She has shown women that they have the ability to be control of their dating destiny by allowing women to make the first move. Whitney Wolfe has often considered her company the beginning of a feminist movement for dating apps. She has separated herself from the mainstream, and she has devised a unique way to put a spin on an old concept. Her dedication to innovation is greatly appreciated by singles.

Julie Zuckerberg has vast experience filling open staffing positions.

Known as an amazing business laborer, even when held up to the country’s reputable, foremost leaders in the business, is Ms. Julie Zuckerberg. She established her validity by commendably leading the daily duties that are needed from her while employed at Deutsche Bank, as the overseer of the Staff Acquisition department. Ms. Julie Zuckerberg has created a high-ranking status for herself from the merging of her vast knowledge and her versatile abilities. Julie is also famous for her unparalleled talents, laboring next to acclaimed leaders in the business arena and in the private investment aspect of business connections, in addition to the promotional aspect of being a boss. Ms. Julie Zuckerberg is extremely adept at tricky dialogue, and also utilizing intricate executive associations. Julie’s marvelous compilation of administrative know-how is frequently acknowledged as being curiously appropriate for originating a dexterous team of staff, and Julie’s hiring methods for new staff are fundamental for generating a committed and unwavering work force. On a regular basis, Ms. Julie Zuckerberg has amassed an assortment of spectacular and loyal staff, guaranteeing the effectiveness and proficiency of the business with her group of capable staff.


Ms. Julie Zuckerberg also has expertly stood out constructively, at her employment as Chief Staff Recruiter prior to realizing her ability to stand out as the Staff Acquisition Chief. Ms. Julie Zuckerberg has obtained know-how of great measure in her aptitude while employed at the Deutsche Bank while growing to the privileged role of Vice President. During Julie’s employment in this role, her skills were improved by overseeing key connections with many privileged business undertakings, to establish an amazing gathering of qualified staff. Julie has also formed necessary associations with industry associates to progress managing of the recruitment measures for assembling together an astonishing array of staff. This is vital to the chore of fulfilling obligatory and highly esteemed positions in the corporation – for instance, District Administrator, U.S. Compliance Liaison, and Shareholder Acquirement, plus additional, yet very important roles.


Ms. Zuckerberg is well-known for her degree of capable business flair and gifted company insight. Julie has additionally, prospered in the profession of Central Staff Assignment, all while employed at the Hudson Global project. This important role was her first service, in 2002. Throughout the extent of Julie’s central role at the Hudson project, for 5 years, she provided to the project a surplus of competent staff and she qualified a capable group of staff for a hefty amount of notable enterprises.


This nonstop influx of proficient staff was required for satisfying a series of open roles. After Julie departed the Hudson project, she resolutely devoted her abilities to the group Citi Global, a dependable consumer banking group. For the sum of this employment, Julie increased her expertise by moving to the role of Chief Supervisory Staffer. This role allowed her the power to employ refined advances for running staff by using the internet’s reach, social media networking & by hiring remarkably competent staff.