Madison Street Capital Facilitates a Merger between Two Outstanding Tech Companies

Madison Street Capital, a financial conglomerate, recently helped DCG Software close a major deal. DCG Software is a company that specializes in the provision of services, such as software estimation services, point analysis, and software value management.


Madison Street Capital helps DCG Software to acquire a business partner


Madison Street Capital facilitated the merger between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software. The Spitfire Group is a tech firm that guides customers in aligning their technology initiatives and business objectives. This company is popular for employing the force multiplier concept, which helps IT companies and their teams to perform better. For this reason, The Spitfire Group merger with DCG Software is expected to be a success. Upon securing the deal, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, and Jay Rodgers made the announcement. According to Charles Botchway, Mike Harris, principal of DCG Software, and the CEO of The Spitfire Group, Mark Richtermeyer, are experienced in management. Additionally, these IT experts have the potential to grow their businesses tremendously. Charles Botway also added that he enjoyed working with them.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment firms in the world. This company thrives on the values of great leadership, integrity, excellence, and service delivery. This company pioneers in the provision of advisory services to private and public businesses. Madison Street Capital has a broad range of clientele spread across the globe. These clients rely on this firm for consulting services. Among the services and products provided by Madison Include:


  • Business valuation


  • Corporate advisory


  • Financial opinions


  • Assessment for financial reporting


  • Asset management


  • Tax planning and wealth preservation


Among the key people at Madison Street Capital is Charles Botchway, who also serves as the chief executive officer. This company serves both the lower and middle-income enterprises. Madison Street Capital reputation in delivering personalized services to clients has earned it numerous awards. The recent awards that the firm has won include the highly coveted Annual Turnaround Awards for Restructuring Deal of the Year and the Distinguished Annual International M&A Advisor Awards. Other awards won by Madison Street Capital include the Annual Emerging Leaders and the NACVA’s 40 Under Forty Industry Mavericks Awards. Madison Street Capital is a trusted employer – the firm is always looking to employ focused, dedicated, smart, disciplined, and entrepreneurial individuals. According to the company’s CEO, Madison Street Capital hires strong-willed people who are not afraid of challenging the status quo. Its pool of employees includes valuation analysts, researchers, accountants, sales executives, and legal professionals.


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A Bold, Bright Future with EOS

EOS lip balm company sprang up out of seeming nowhere 7 years ago. EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is an all-natural, organic company that has people raving. The sphere-shaped package with its bright colors appeals to consumers of all ages. Once EOS broke into the mainstream, they started selling at such a rapid rate that it became nearly impossible to keep them on the shelves. They currently sell over 1 million lip balms each week, which is more than they sold in their first entire year! Find out more here on .

EOS has previously worked with a holiday designer by the name of Rachel Roy on a limited-edition holiday line as well as partnering with corporate giant Disney for a limited-edition Alice and Wonderland line that sold out within hours. EOS uses star power to help market their products, teaming up with artists like Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift to endorse the brand. Browse more here.

EOS was looking to jumpstart the chapstick industry as consumers didn’t have a lot of choices. They offer fun flavors like Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet, as well as Vanilla Mint and Coconut Milk, plus a variety of other flavors. You are also able to get Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Visibly Smooth Spheres, and Organic Smooth Spheres and Sticks. EOS offers limited-edition Spring flavors as well as multi-packs, which you can purchase from their website. EOS has now branched out into hand and body lotions, as well as shaving cream. This company just keeps expanding and everything they do becomes a huge hit with its buyers. EOS has a bright future on its horizon, and it is well deserved. Follow EOS Official page.

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Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is Changing Lives

Mike Baur is one of the most celebrated businessmen in Switzerland. He was born and raised in the Fribourg region. Mike Baur has always had a particular concern for the finance world, and this has played a fundamental role in his successful career. The businessman is believed to have worked in the Swiss banking world for over twenty years.


Mike Baur’s Career


When growing up, Mike Baur was fascinated by any banking and finance activities. This passion helped him start off his entrepreneurial journey after working in the employment industry for several decades. After leaving his job in the banking world, Mike Baur partnered with Oliver Walzer and two other people in business to start the famous Swiss Startup Factory. The startup firm has done well, and it is currently considered to be one of the leading private owned startup accelerator companies in the United States.


Whenever he is not busy with his startup company, the businessman loves dedicating his time to entrepreneurial programs that concern the youth. Many people respect him for his mentorship to the young people. The merchant offers the young people the financial help they need to make sure that their ideas are transformed into great businesses.


Mike Baur’s educational background is believed to have played a role in his fruitful career.

According to his resume, the finance executive went for his studies at the well-known Rochester University, based in New York City. Later on, he went for his MBA at the prestigious University of Berne. According to the Wall Street Journal, the businessman has spent most of career life in investment startups, Swiss banking and other businesses that have brought numerous changes to the country.


The Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory was established in the market in the year 2014. The firm serves as an accelerator program to the people in the country, and it is based in Zurich town. The company searches for the digital entrepreneurs who want to thrive in the competitive business world. These individuals are later on offered great opportunities through the firm’s powerful networks around the globe.


People joining the startup company are given a three month training period where they are educated about the business world. These individuals are also given the money they need to chase their dreams in business. Some of them are also provided with offices at strategic locations in Zurich town. Persons who have received the training from the company have done well in business.



Mike Heiligenstein, the CTRMA’s Executive Director

Mike Heiligenstein merged into Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority at the time when the firm when the company had just been established. The implication here is therefore that it had a maximal chance of seeing the company budding as time progressed.

Mike, later on, joined the sovereign governmental agency in the year2003. Mike  joined at this time to offer service at the position of the Executive Director of the company. The company was about one year old at the time he joined to provide service in the business.

He proceeded to watch over the agency’s initial project the county of Williamson. The expectation was therefore that the project would do away with cash tolls then transform them to an entirely electronic cashless toll assortment. Before joining CTRMA, Mike served as a member of the Round Rock City Council as well as a commissioner in Williamson County. He also worked for over thirty years as an official in the public sector.

Mike Heiligenstein have a lot of confidence in the idea that the toll roads are among the solutions to the path congestion. As time progresses, the tolled roads have been increasing significantly. This has led to the establishment of roads worth more than $1 billion.

Through the effectiveness of such routes, several motorists do subscribe to their usage. The result here been a substantial decrease of the traffic jam on the non-tolled roads which facilitates the ease of the traffic flow.

Additionally, Mike Heiligenstein, also considers that the usage of tolled highways by trucks has minimized road worsening. The whole thing is quite common in the county roads. The reason could be that the tolled roads are constructed architecturally to bear the heavy loads carried by heavy trucks.

The CTRMA was founded in the year 2002 as a self-regulating government agency. The objective of its establishment was to deal appropriately deal with the traffic congestion via the utilization of innovative methods.

An efficient strategy for facilitating this was via introducing the tolled roads. The introduction was facilitated by the agency. The result is that the scenario of people often using their cars to travel around purposelessly.

Upon the implementing this, there was a noteworthy drop in traffic. CTRMA also works with Motropia. It is worth noting that they have been able to incorporate a traffic application that the motorists utilize as a platform for receiving updates through the next news of the road happenings.

Dress Your Lips-EOS Moisturizing Balm

Lip balms are seen on every counter at grocery checkout lanes, and gas stations. With so many choices, people often find themselves choosing a lip balm that won’t actually fill their lips with moisture throughout the day. However, EOS lip balm has become the exception to dry lips and over applying.


Characteristics of EOS Lip Balm

EOS has produced this round shaped balm to fit your pocket, bag, or purse. The various scents cater to the differing tastes. From their spring line of Coconut Milk, and Soft Cucumber Melon to their everyday Vanilla Mint and Blackberry Nectar; the quality remains the same. More details here. The balm contains Shea butter, the softening agent, and Jojoba oil that locks in the moisture. These two essential natural products are key to creating long lasting softness that prevents chapping. These balms are both paraben-free and gluten-free, allowing gluten intolerant customers to also enjoy the nourishing effects of the balms. Follow them here on


As EOS grows in popularity, so they have grown their product line to feature shimmer balms. Their Pearl Shimmer and Pink Shimmer are the first two balms in the collection to feature a glittering sparkle with the same EOS nature conscience ingredients. The Pink shimmer comes in a black round container with pink shining through the design. The round balm on the inside contains a light shimmer that shows through on the lips. Both shimmers go well over makeup or before the placement of other lip products. Unlike most shimmer products, this will not dry lips, but rather lock in the moisture through the Shea butter, Vitamin E oil, and Jojoba oil. Natural scents are added to the product to give it a long lasting smell that will not overpower your senses.


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EOS lip balm is the perfect summer treat or winter protection. Keeping your lips covered with the correct moisturizer is the first step to a beautiful, and more natural you.


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About the Wessex Institute of Technology and What they Do

Most people living in the UK know about the Wessex Institute of Technology or WIT. THE Institute is an educational center which offers research and development opportunities for both students and teachers. With their higher degree programs, Wessex Institute of Technology stands out as one of the best learning institutions in the world.

One of the aims of the Institute is to ensure that information is passed from one person to another in an efficient manner. Their main focus is on technological advancement, scientific research as well as innovation and sustainable development. This is why they organize conferences and publish journals on a regular basis.Ever since its establishment in the 1980s, WIT still delivers on its mission. Their faculty has continued to accept students and researchers from all over the world in a bid to ensure that science and research are constantly developed. To be part of this community, apply to be a student or an employee today!

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Doug Levitt

In the US, artists have the tradition of exploring the world to appreciate and retell stories about the landscapes and the people they encounter. It is particularly important for the artists; as it faces political, calamity and economic statemates, such artworks help to share and spread peace as well as nation and more information click here.

These artworks help to remind the unaffected population that another world exist beyond their boundaries in need of help. Doug Levitt is one songwriter and singer from America prominently renowned for his Greyhound Diaries.

Levitt’s Education and his change of career

Doug Levitt, a former student at the University of Cornell was taught by author and astrophysicist Sagan Carl. Levitt also marked off an International Relations master’s degree at the Economics School of London.

He would later switch his career to songwriter and singer. He collaborated with David Henry, and the two embarked on project Greyhound Diaries. The two rode Greyhound buses across America to gather memories, pictures, songs and stories of the Americans.

Greyhound Diaries was Doug Levitt’s project that lasted ten years. The project was reproduced on WPA-era projects that depict the broad America society. The work has also been featured on Fox News, Billboard, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, and CNN. Greyhound Diaries includes Levitt’s individual published writings, shows, web series as well as photo exhibits and what Doug knows.

Before embarking on the long exploration, Levitt was an overseas correspondent for the CNN, MSNBC, and ABC, posted in Bosnia, Rwanda, and Iran.

Grey Hound Diaries creates the Sense of Society union

Returning from abroad, Levitt perceived the great poverty of the American population and considered it a major upcoming crisis. He wanted to do something about it. Motivated by Administration Progress Works projects era, Levitt set out on a journey to write stories and songs about the distressed American folks. He felt that his story would encourage other to share personal tales. During the bus rides, Levitt encountered a lot of people in the environment devoid of politics and other individual preferences. As such,he discovered the American search for common identity. He also discovered that it was not the question of society differences; rather, it was what the nation had in common to unite and foster cooperation among the different ethnicities.

Steps towards the Achievements of Jim Tananbum

According to INC42, Jim Tananbum is well-known all over the world. He is a famous business man. He attended the University of Yale where he graduated with a BS and BSEE in applied mathematics as well as computer science. He also schooled at the University of Harvard and earned an MD and an MBA. He is the founder and the CEO of the Foresite Capital. He has vast experience in healthcare services as well as entrepreneurship which he has accumulated over more than two decades. He is a well-known investor. Jim Tananbaum has founded two other companies besides Foresite Capital which deals with biopharmaceutical services. Upon graduating from the University of Harvard as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Jim established Gel Text pharmaceuticals. His Companies have a keen interest in health care, and this gives him a much famous name at the Global level. The Foresite Company has spread its wings by investing in a total of 77 separate health care companies in biopharmaceuticals, medical care as well as diagnostics. Besides all his qualifications and success, Jim is also a family man and treasures his family more than anything else. He believes that a successful business does not only require large capital, but smart ideas are very essential. Apart from his experience, Jim has acquired an unusual interest and passion for studying and advancing his health care skills.

In a report by Biz Journals, his leadership skills, as well as hard work, have seen him manage over 1.1 billion dollars in investments. He has built an excellent reputation around the world by working closely with huge companies as well as public investors. All the companies he has founded earn much credit for their competitive services. Jim Tananbum is a founding partner of Prospect Venture Partners II and III, and this adds up to his vast experience. He was also a partner at Sierra Ventures. During his tenure at Sierra Ventures, he helped the company realize its healthcare services investments. Numerous major companies with a keen interest in medical and healthcare have experienced Jim’s unmatched services. Such companies include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup among many others. He is also the proud co- founder of Theravance Company which accumulated more than 2.68 Billion dollars as capital. The company later changed its name to Innoviva.

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Why Choose To Invest in EOS Lip Balm Over Other Choices?

EOS Lip Balm is a wonderful lip moisturizing product that has been receiving a numerous amount of purchase requests from customers everywhere. It is a product that has had customers speaking very positively about, as well as leaving positive feedback, thus, making it one that people may be able to rely on.

Why not choose to utilize a product that is fairly priced, has most competitors beat in sales (all except for one), and will leave your lips feeling moist and looking shiny as ever? You will not regret investing in EOS Lip balm, as it’s being used by many people as their primary choice of lip care. It contains chemical properties that can have effects of repairing one’s lips over time should there be any significant damages on them. This is because constantly moisturizing one’s lips has tremendous effects of healing and maintaining.

The choices that you make of proper Lip care can have effects on the quality of your eating capabilities, talking capabilities, breathing, and even sleeping. Do you not want to take the time that is required for you to ensure that you are adequately caring for your lips? If so, then please feel free to invest in EOS Lip Balm, as it can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Visit your local Target, Wal-Mart or Costco store to purchase your very own EOS lip balm.Viit for more product information.

The Part that Madison Street Capital Played in the anticipated future growth of ARES Security

At the helm of managing private equity, mergers and acquisitions services, business valuation services, investments banks, and corporate planning services among other financial solutions stands Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC. Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois but also has various banking offices in Africa, North America, and Asia. The company has 12 years in this line of operations that all entailed conducting operations with trust and quality delivery of services. In short, for any client searching for solutions in the corporate world, Madison Street Capital is the most preferred partner. The company analyses the situations and gives the most appropriate financial recommendations.



One of the most recent successful Madison Street Capital transactions is the exclusive financial advisory role it offered when transacting the minority equity and subordinated debt investment for ARES Corporation. ARES is one of its longstanding clients and a leading company in security risk management and safety software. Based in Vienna, VA, ARES Security Corporation protects and offers security to sensitive government operated systems including nuclear, energy and transportations. The newly acquired partnership with Corbel Structured Equity Partners is a valuable asset to ensure new revenue opportunities. The relationship will provide ARES access to Corbel’s wide pool of contacts, and increase sales with the provided funds. Corbel Structured Equity Partners offered to partner with ARES after Madison sought their services and laid out ARES’ requirements. Presently, Corbel Structured Equity Partners worth $95 million.



Madison Street Capital reputation cites that they have a dedication to help build strong businesses in the United States and across the world. This is a driving and motivating factor that propels them to arrange attractive financing and capitalization needs for each of their clients. They view emerging markets as the core component driving the global growth. As such, Madison promises potential customers continued dedication in finding solutions to their financial woes. The firm upholds high levels of professionalism. Madison Street Capital has a proven history of excellence in the investment banking industry, making them one of the world’s best middle-market investments banking firm. Madison Street Capital prides itself in having an excellent working force of professionals with experience and knowledge which ensure that clients succeed in the global marketplace. Ben Eazzetta, President of ARES Security, expressed his admiration and satisfaction in how Madison Street Capital delivered the services. He described them as a team of diligent and dedicated staff.